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Myers Cocktail

woman suffering from fatigue and a headache that could be prevented with a myers cocktail The Myers Cocktail is an intravenous “cocktail” of a number of vitamins and minerals, named after John Myers, the inventor, who administered the IV to his patients for years whom reported positive effects in a number of different ailments while on the treatment. After his death in 1984, more of his patients sought after the treatment, leading to other doctor’s specializing in naturopathic or other practices in alternative medicine to learn about its success and begin developing their own “Myers Cocktail.”

Myers Cocktail Ingredients: The Myers Cocktail is an intravenous solution made up of magnesium, calcium bicarbonate, vitamin b12, b6, b5, b-complex, and vitamin C. Some naturopaths may add other ingredients or take away from these to meet patient’s specific needs.

Myers Cocktail as Treatment: The Myers Cocktail has had reported successes in treating asthma and other upper respiratory ailments like infections or chronic sinusitis or even seasonal allergic rhinitis.  It is also beneficial to those who suffer from fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, migraines, muscle spasms, cardiovascular disease and angina, heart palpitations, and depression.

How the Myers Cocktail Works—to boost and treat: The Myers Cocktail is administered intravenously, thereby bypassing the digestive system, which can often significantly impede the absorption of these vitamins. Once in the bloodstream in high dosages, the Myers Cocktail of vital vitamins and minerals washes over your cells and fuels faster healing as well as boosts your blood with nutritional energy.  Regardless of whether or not one suffers from the above-mentioned ailments or not, patients who take the Myers Cocktail will feel an overall enhanced well-being that lasts from a week to several months. In my office for example, I have a number of athletes come in before and after their races or athletic competitions to help their performance and afterwards, to help their recovery. I also have patients come in who are feeling the initial onset of a cold or the flu to give their immune system a boost and nip the virus in the bud, thus cutting symptoms and duration. Many of my patients come in monthly for a Myers Cocktail for maintenance as it helps to keep their immune system strong and function and at optimal levels.

Myers Cocktail Side Effects: There are very little side effects from the Myers Cocktail. Some patients report a warm sensation when being administered the IV, which is a natural effect of the b vitamins. The doctor administering the IV will monitor the flow depending on how you are feeling, slowing the flow down or speeding it up as you need. It is not recommended for patients who have abnormally low-blood pressure as it naturally seems to lower blood pressure. Furthermore, patients who have low potassium levels due to different conditions or medication should not take the Myers Cocktail.


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